Regenerative braking

Studies about fuel economy are all around, but with the coming of the hybrid and electric cars, other possibilities exist. You have for example regenerative braking. With a normal car, all the energy from the car is converted to heat when you brake. With regenerative braking, at least a part of that energy can be converted to useful energy (electricity). If you use a hybrid or electric car, that electricity can then be used again to power your car. According to HowStuffWorks, we can reduce our energy use with up to 45%. This means that less electricity has to be produced as well, since we use less. With the danger of our fuel running out soon (around 100 years), this regenerative braking becomes more and more important. Every bit of energy that we can save is positive.

I believe that we have to reduce our fuel consumption as much as possible, and this is a good way of doing so, but maybe there are more interesting, more promising options?




  1. Of course all these little optimizations on the electric vehicles will help making them more attractive to consumers, but the bigger issue is: when will people make a mentality change? For me it always seems like a big change will only happen if it is too late (as in: no more fuel available). The electrical car is being manufactured and ready to use, but the practical use isn’t on point yet, making it still look as unfavorable.


  2. The development of so called ‘bridge-technologies’ like regenerative braking is a key driver in reducing emissions and fuel consumption now, during the period we make the mentality change towards more sustainable fuels. A radical revolution almost never happens, so these optimizations already pave the path towards more sustainability


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