Reduce fuel consumption by avoiding the car

Another idea to reduce fuel consumption is by simply using your car less. We should not solely depend on technology to reduce our fuel consumption, but we should also try to implement other alternatives. These alternatives can be to use a bicycle in stead of a car to travel to your work or school. It can also mean that you try to make an agreement with your boss so that you can work from home. Technology has made it possible to work from home and still do the same work. You can use telecommunication to have meetings. You can also make use of the public transportation or carpool to reduce the fuel consumption. All these changes do not require your vehicle to be more fuel economic, but rely on common sense to reduce your fuel consumption. I found this consumer tip that gives 10 ideas to reduce your fuel costs (and thus your fuel consumption). However, there is only little attention for the alternatives of vehicle use.

I think that it would be more beneficial to use those alternatives than to reduce the fuel consumption of the car. If you can leave your car in your garage, you use no fuel and thus are helping the environment. In the article, I think more attention should go to the alternatives of using the car, in stead of increasing your efficiency. Although it is already a good idea to do so, the mindset should be shifted towards leaving your car at home.




  1. You are right that the problem of fuel consumption can be (at least partially) solved by non-technological solutions;

    However, I feel that a technological solution is far easier to create and enforce than, for example, a change of mindset.

    We are all quite lazy and ignorant. I think that if a solution requires constant effort from many people, it will not work.


  2. Changing a mindset is never easy, especially not if it involves effort from many people, but no other solution will help as much as that though. As you say, it can be partly solved with non-technological solutions, and I think that it will take both technological and non-technological solutions to work together.


  3. Yes, I agree. On one hand, people are indeed lazy and will most likely take the easiest solution, so technological improvements are needed to at least lower the consumption that will always be present. On the other hand, I cannot imagine another solution for this worldwide problem than a huge mindset change. Sadly, in my opinion this will only occur when something drastic happens and forces ‘mankind’ to change it’s behavior. I sincerely hope, technology will be able to make the alternatives more attractive and thus introduce an easy mindset change.


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