Better fuel economy to reduce global warming

In this article of The Guardian, it states that six changes to fuel economy can have a major impact on the reduction of global warming. The first is reducing the fuel economy on trucks, which have a huge fuel consumption compared to the amount of vehicles in traffic. Fleet operators need to become aware of the problem and act accordingly. Secondly, other fuel sources have to be made commercially viable. Right now, there are barely any electricity loading places (or for other fuels) present and increasing them would increase the use of alternative resources. Further, there is also the need to make the numbers more objective. At the moment, different studies have been done, isolated from others. This makes is immensely hard to compare them. BSR also tries to implement a tool for the better investigation of life-cycle assessment. Making a better life-cycle assessment will improve the possibility of comparing different fuel resources, materials used etc. They also think that the future is not one kind of clean fuel, but a cooperation of the fuels, because all the alternative fuels have different disadvantages. And lastly, it is important to act now, because we’re close to the limit of contaminants in the atmosphere and waiting will only increase the risk of not reversible damage.

Which of these changes do you think is more important? Or do you think that only when all changes are applied at the same time, it will have a positive effect?



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