Public transportation satisfaction

Last time we discussed the rebound effect of fuel economy, amongst others the public transportation system. I found this article about the (dis)satisfaction of public transportation and the effects of it on public transportation use. In the article, it states that a good follow-up on the (dis)satisfaction of public transportation and the implementation of solutions against dissatisfaction are a good way to increase the overall utility of public transportation. Satisfied customers will spread word of mouth and will attract new customers while dissatisfied customers will decrease the amount of customers.

Because people are different, public transportation has to be differentiated as well. Privatization and deregulation seem very efficient in increasing the satisfaction of customers and can be expected to increase the utility of public transportation. This increased utility of public transportation can then have an effect on the car usage policy.

I believe that cooperation between public transport services (bus/train/metro/…) is at least partly the clue to a better satisfaction of customers. Off course, accuracy of public transportation will be an issue as well, but with customer satisfaction, the utility of public transportation will go up and the personal vehicle use will go down. How big the effect will be is uncertain off course, but every little bit helps. If we can also implement solutions like car-free-zones, a lot of pollution can be prevented and the environment will benefit from it greatly.



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